Paris Brest Paris Randonneur – PBP 2015

1230 Km in 90 Hrs.

The qualifying year for PBP is 2014-15 ie the year in which it takes place. You are required to be a Super Randonneur in that year, between Nov 2014 and July 2015.

The previous year, ie 2013-14 is a pre-qualifying year. your longest official brevet in that year, allows you to register before someone with a shorter ride in that year. As PBP is usually oversubscribed, they open registrations for people who have done 1000 first in 2013-14, then 2 weeks later for 600 and so on.

The tentative date for PBP is between August 16 to 27, 2015. A decision will be taken in January 2014.

In 2015, Super randonneurs from across the country will gather in Paris, together with cyclists from around the world, to take part in the  Paris-Brest-Paris. Held once every four years, the 4000 or so participants will attempt to cycle over 1200 kilometers of hilly roads from the outskirts of Paris to the city of Brest on France’s Atlantic coast, and back again, within the event time limit of 90 hours.

Completion of Paris-Brest-Paris is the highest attainment of a randonneur cyclist. For many randonneurs, participation in P.B.P. represents the culmination of years of effort on the bicycle, a peak of their cycling experience. Each cyclist will have qualified for this event by completing a brevet series, consisting of 200, 300, 400 and 600 kilometer officially certified rides, in the year in which P.B.P. is held. Each will have invested many hours in training, and in preparing and equipping their bicycles, in anticipation of the event.

The route follows quiet roads through the lush countryside of Normandy into the French cycling hotbed of Britanny. Cyclists pass through villages clustered around medieval churches, and past historic castles and chateaus. Along the route, local residents turn out, even into the early hours of the morning, to cheer the cyclists on. At the thirteen control points along the route, inexpensive meals, sleeping accommodations, and mechanical assistance are provided to the riders on the course.

Paris-Brest-Paris is an event with a great tradition. First run in 1891, it was for many years one of the most important races in professional road cycling. Randonneur involvement dates from 1931, when an event for amateur cyclists was held in parallel to the professional race. Since 1951, the event has been one for amateur cyclists exclusively. Indians first took part in P.B.P. in 1983. Theirs has been a growing presence on French roads, with more and more Indians participating.

Here are maps of the outbound and return routes for PBP:


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