How do you arm your-self before venturing on a BRM. We have made a list based on our experience.

This is just a suggestive and a simple list. There are many, more-comprehensive lists on the net. To each their own.



In the saddlebag

- 2 Gatorade pouches
- 2 Nutribar
- Dry-fruit pouch
- Allen key set
- Batteries

In the Jersey back-pocket
- Mobile Phone
- Mobile battery bank
- Que sheet
- Brevet Card
- Cash zip pouch – ATM card, cash, ID-Proof
- Salt Tablets (chooran)
- Reflective vest (during day-time)

Tucked in Cycling shorts
- Polo

On the Bike
- 2 filled water bottles (one with Gatorade, other with lime+salt)
- Front Light
- Hand-pump

In the front handle pouch
- 2 Spare Tubes
- Tube change kit
- Borolene-for cuts/rashes

Other accessories
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Riding glasses

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