Cyclone Cycling Club presents: Brevet Populaire

This is an Endurance Ride, for motivating the beginners to embark on the journey of long distance cycling. Experienced cyclists can challenge themselves to complete the given distance in their personal best times. Come challenge yourselves!!!

Every rider has to finish the ride within the cut-off time.

Route : 100 Kms
Cut off : 07 Hours 30 Minutes

Support vehicle(s) will be available on standby. Please note that support vehicles will be available ONLY during emergency.

If the rider quits the ride, the rider has to arrange his/her own transportation along with the bike. Support vehicle(s) will NOT be responsible to transport the rider or the bike in that case.

The rider can be warned or disqualified for any unfavourable behaviour, solely at the organiser’s discretion. The organiser’s decision will be final and binding on all.

Reporting time at start point : 05.15 am

Flag Off from Start point : 06.00 am Sharp

Start Point : Gotila Garden, Sindhubhavan Road

End Point: Gwalia SBR

Compulsory: Helmet, Front light, Tail Light and reflective vest are mandatory.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or simply want to get a taste of what cycling is all about, this ride will give you a taste of everything! The route is beautiful, the terrain is a wonderful combination of easy and challenging. All in all, this ride is a blast, where there is something for everyone!

Each rider reaching the finish line first would have covered the same distance as the last rider and would get the same medal. This is NOT a competition or a race. Safety of the cyclist is of TOP priority. Respect the road!!

Finishers Certificate will be available for every cyclist who finishes within the cut-off time. The certificates will be available for download from the Event URL on Audax India website.

In case you have any query, please contact: Mr. Prasad +917600098973

You need to be a member of the Audax India community to ride the Brevet Populaure. Register here :