Support vehicles are NOT permitted on brevets! ANY manner of support to riders between controle points is NOT permitted on brevets.

Because of the conditions on the road in India, lack of emergency services, lack of safety for women, Audax India Randonneurs (AIR) has received permission from Audax Club Parisien (ACP) to allow riders to have a vehicle on the route ONLY for the purpose of safety, it may not be used for ANY manner of support. The rules listed below have to be followed strictly, with a clear understanding that a rider caught flouting the rules will face the penalties listed below.

Terms and Conditions

  • This facility is only available on night portions of brevets, or in particular instances where the route is known to have lonely or dangerous stretches.
  • The rider (or a group of riders) must inform the Ride responsible (RR)/official that s/he (or they) wishes to have a vehicle for safety at least 3 days prior to the brevet.
  • Each rider must fill out a form, and sign an agreement to the effect that s/he accepts the terms and conditions for use of Safety Vehicle on a brevet.
  • The RR may assign a volunteer/official/neutral observer to the vehicle.
  • The Vehicle must display the rider no./s of the riders on front and back.
  • Rider/s will accept the ruling of ride marshals/officials/volunteers on route, with regard to misuse of vehicle.
  • All the expenses of operating the vehicle will be borne by the Rider/s requesting permission for that safety vehicle.
  • Upholding the camaraderie of Randonneuring and in the spirit of ensuring safety to all riders, in special instance of emergency to any other rider on the brevet that the RR/officials  require the services of the vehicle on route, the rider/s must co-operate.
  • RR/officials also agree that they may not depend on rider/s personal vehicle as the sole support for the riders, and will try and ensure that rider/s safety vehicle is utilised only in special emergency situations and returned to the rider/s safety duty asap.


  • The rider/s may not utilize the services of the vehicle for anything other than her/his safety.
  • RIder/s may NOT have physical contact with the vehicle, get in, or rest in the vehicle, at any time during the brevet.
  • While the vehicle may be used to carry tools, food, clothes, gear the rider/s will only access anything from the vehicle at a controle point.
  • The vehicle may not accompany the rider/s during the day, except where RR has agreed that a stretch of route is dangerous.
  • The vehicle may be in sight of the rider at all times during the night. The rider/s may not draft the vehicle, nor may the rider/s ride in the light of the vehicle, as in direct follow support.
  • Once the brevet has started, the rider/s may NOT use the vehicle for transport for any reason whatsoever until AFTER s/he has informed the RR or other official that s/he is abandoning the brevet ride.


1 Accessing any item from vehicle in between controles DNF
2 Repeating this offense on subsequent brevet DNF and refusal of permission for this (safety vehicle) facility for ALL future brevets.
3 Drafting the vehicle or riding in its lights at night (ie direct follow support) DNF, and refusal of permission for this (safety vehicel) facility for ALL future brevets.
4 Utilising the vehicle for Transport before informing a ride official of abandonment. Banned from all AIR and ACP activities
5 Arguing or rudeness to ride officials regarding application of rules DNF