Tips for first time 200 BRM Riders

Before the Ride

  • Pre-registration is important. Register early.
  • A 200 KM BRM is the simplest of brevets that requires the least amount of training. More than the physical strength you need the “I-can-do-it? attitude.
  • A 200 KM BRM is to be finished in 13.5 Hours. This works out to less than 15 Kmph – which is easily achievable by recreational cyclists.
  • Simple it is, but a training schedule will make your first brevet more enjoyable.
  • Stick to a schedule of short rides of 30-40 kms on week days and long rides (100 Kms or more) on weekends.
  • Focus on distance and endurance. Speed is not important.
  • Ensure that your cycle is in perfect condition. Have a good mechanic check it thoroughly.
  • It is always helpful to know how to change tubes in case of a puncture. Since BRMs are self-supported rides you have to attend to bike problems on your own. With reducing usage of Cycles, it’s difficult to find bike mechanics on the route. There may be some support available at control points – but self-support is the theme of BRMs.
  • Completion of a 200 km ride is a significant athletic event. It will be an effort of 9 and 12 hours on the saddle. Finishing a BRM is a moment of great satisfaction, with the knowledge that a challenge that few others could take is achieved by you.
  • Ensure that your cycle is in perfect condition. Have a good mechanic check it thoroughly.

On the Ride Day

  • Reach in time before the event, latest by 5:30 AM for inspection, signing waiver form, getting brevet card.
  • Some important things to remember without which you will not be allowed to ride
    • You need to wear reflective vest before dawn and after dark.
    • Front and rear lights on bike
    • Helmet
  • Have a good night’s sleep before the ride day.
  • Drink plenty of water on the day preceding the ride. Eat regular & healthy food. Make sure that you are physically fit and comfortable before the ride.
  • During the ride make sure that you drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry.
  • A short checklist of things to have during a BRM – a pair of Gloves, sunglasses, 2 water bottles, spare tubes, Hand pump, cell phone, energy bars, some dry fruits, chikki etc. For a more comprehensive list please go to

During the BRM Ride

  • After the start, ride at a comfortable speed, allow your body to warm up and get into rhythm. An early rush does not help. Moreover you’ve 13.5 Hrs and an early finish does not give you any special recognition.
  • Riding in a group helps. Make friends, chat, get help and help others. Brevets are more about riding together and love for nature.
  • In case of cramps or exhaustion, don’t quit manage it Remember what LA said “Pain is Temporary and quitting is forever?. If you do cramp get off the bike do some stretching’s, have some plain water with salt.